Baylor county is in the eastern part of the Rolling Red Plains. About 10,000 acres in the southern section of the county are in the Rolling Red Prairies. The soils of the county are mostly gently sloping to rolling. They are used as cropland and range land.

Farming and ranching are of major importance. About 155,000 acres of nearly level to gently sloping areas of the county are cultivated. About 6,500 acres are used for irrigated farming. Wheat, grain sorghum and cotton are the main cash crops. The county has periods of drought. During these periods satisfactory yields are obtained only from the more productive dry land and irrigated soils. Soil blowing or water erosion is a hazard in most areas.

Most of the county is drained by the Wichita and Brazos Rivers. The Wichita River drains the northern part of the county and the Brazos River drains the central and southern parts of the county. An area in the eastern part of the county is drained by the Little Wichita River.

Baylor County is located in North Central Texas. Seymour, the County Seat and the only city in the county, is at the crossroads of five major highways. Farming, ranching, and hunting/wildlife are the major industries. Baylor County is included in the Texas Nature Trails program.